Volkswagen Canada’s 3.0L Diesel Settlement

If you are a Volkswagen owner then, presumably, you are aware of the unfortunate Volkswagen emissions case — dubbed “Dieselgate” or “Emissionsgate”. And while there isn’t much the team at Southgate Volkswagen can say that hasn’t already been said, we come to you with our tailpipe tucked between our legs to let you know a bit more about the pending Canadian settlement program for all vehicles affected by this regrettable event.


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First of all it’s important to determine if your vehicle is one affected by the issue, and this is fairly simple. If you own or lease a Volkswagen with a 3.0L diesel engine, produced between 2009 and 2016, you are eligible for the settlement. By visiting the site we’ve linked above, you can fill out a submission form that will begin the process of your settlement; there are a variety of settlements available ranging from a buyback plus cash, early lease termination plus cash, or even emission compliance repairs and extended emissions warranties plus cash, among other options.

Of the options above, the emission compliance repair is an adjustment of the faulty equipment that will allow your Volkswagen to meet, and not exceed, the legal limit of emissions. So, if like us, you still believe that your Volkswagen is more than just a car, there is an option that allows you to keep it while feeling confident that you are leaving an acceptable carbon footprint.

If you have any further questions, about the settlement or anything else Volkswagen related, the team at Southgate Volkswagen would be more than happy to answer them. As a dealership, we’ve always prided our self as a dealership on transparency, but now, more than ever, we’re committed to creating an open and honest dialogue that lets you, the customer, buy from Volkswagen with the utmost confidence.