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Southgate Volkswagen uses the finest Volkswagen parts and accessories, ensuring your vehicle is in optimum condition after a service repair. In addition to our vast selection of genuine parts, we can sometimes offer quality refurbished products on request, which are cheaper. Please note, our Service Centre is located at 280 Young St., Montreal, Québec. (514 846-1717)

A little maintenance goes a long way. The following Volkswagen Original leaflets provide useful maintenance information and tips so you can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen for years to come. Only Volkswagen Original parts are engineered specifically for your vehicle. No retrofitting required. No modifications needed. Just the right part for your car at the right price.

German-engineered, built to last, and backed by a limited warranty of 1 year / 20,000 km*. Contact Montreal Parts Department about the benefits of Volkswagen Original parts, service and accessories today. If you have any questions on the products we offer, our technicians will be pleased to answer you and help you find the parts or accessories you are looking for, whether you wish to repair your car yourself or to customize it.

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Did you know?

Even when Volkswagen Original parts wear out after many kilometers, they still contain plenty of valuable energy and materials. Volkswagen collects used parts, remanufactures them, and offers them as Original Exchange Parts.

Original Exchange Parts are part of the Volkswagen Original Parts product family. The range includes over 10,300 items from roughly 60 product groups, including engines and transmissions.

Most “overhauled” engines are generally only repaired only defective parts are replaced or reconditioned. When Volkswagen “overhauls” a defective engine, however, it is completely dismantled. Parts that are subject to wear and tear are replaced by new parts, and all other components are checked and reconditioned.

The Original Exchange Parts Program actively protects the environment. After all, remanufacturing makes it possible to avoid the costly and energy intensive processing steps involved in new production.

Volkswagen has saved 983 million kW/h of energy and approximately 350,000 tons of steel with its engine remanufacturing program alone. This would be enough to rebuild the Eiffel Tower 50 times over. It also made it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 586,000 tons.

Volkswagen Original Exchange Parts

…are sold in exchange for defective old parts, which can then be remanufactured.

…offer the same quality and identical limited warranty as their corresponding new parts, and are often up to 50% less expensive.

….are always state of the art. Advancements in the technical engineering of series-produced components are applied to the remanufacturing process. This means that an Exchange Part can offer a higher technical standard than the old part that has been returned.

…pave the way for the economical repairs of older vehicles, even if the engine has suffered massive damage.

…are readily available, ensuring timely vehicle repairs.

…allow you to purchase with the same confidence as you would with all Volkswagen Original Parts.

Insist on Volkswagen Original

Volkswagen Original Exchange Parts – Your Benefits

  • Attractive prices thanks to savings in energy and materials
  • A wide selection
  • High quality that is identical to series-produced parts
  • 1 year / 20,000 km* limited warranty covering both parts and labour
  • Environmental protection thanks to sustainability


Only Volkswagen Original parts and Volkswagen Original Exchange Parts are engineered specifically for your vehicle. No retrofitting required. No modifications needed. Just the right part for your car at the right price – German-engineered, built to last, and backe d by a limited warranty of 1 year / 20,000 km*.

Keep your Volkswagen a Volkswagen.

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