New to Driving in Alberta?

January 22nd, 2018 by

Before we start, let us here at Southgate Volkswagen be the first ones to say: Welcome to Alberta! We know you’ve come a long way and we’re happy to have you here. Southgate Volkswagen is Alberta’s premier Volkswagen dealer throughout the greater Edmonton area. It can be daunting to drive on a foreign street for the first time, especially in a place like Alberta, but it doesn’t have to be. It’ll be hard to make the transition, but it’s definitely not impossible.

We compiled a list of things to keep in mind while you drive and conquer the Albertan roads and highways. This list ranges from different driving conditions to consider, to good driving habits to start making while you’re behind the wheel.

Winter Driving

Alberta is notoriously known for its harsh prairie winters throughout all of Canada. People throughout the entire country shiver at the thought of our -40 degree January’s with windchill (unless you’re from Saskatchewan, then you’re on the same boat). Although it may seem scary at first, most Albertans still manage to make it through the six months of the year because we’re always prepared. And you can be too, with just a few key tips: one, slow down during icy conditions. Two, stay up-to-date on all of your car’s fluids. And most importantly, buy yourself a set of winter tires for the season.

Need help with any of these? Well, the good news is that we here at Southgate Volkswagen can take care of all these tips, easily! We have a great service department that can help you with maintaining your car’s fluids, and our tire department can recommend a great set of winter vehicles for you to use on your Volkswagen vehicle. Just send us a message to see what our current tire specials are for this period!


There’s an old saying here in Alberta that the province only has two seasons: winter and construction. The summers are filled with dump trucks, cranes, and cement mixers rolling around the streets and highways to fix all the damage of the previous season. While the delayed traffic on your morning commute may only be a minor inconvenience, the real problem occurs when you come across the dreaded potholes on the road.

Luckily, Southgate Volkswagen’s service and tire department can also help you with that as well! Not only do we do tire replacements, but also tire repairs as well to help you save money. And if the suspension on your vehicle gets damaged from the impact, just contact our service department to book an appointment right away.

Distracted Driving

Alberta’s distracted driving laws are some of the province’s most important pieces of legislation in recent years—especially with the digital age we live in today. People using their smartphones while driving has been quite the problem in this province, and recent traffic statistics have concluded that it’s only going to get worse from here. However, the good news is that it’s not very difficult to change our behaviors and prevent these things from happening, especially if we apply some common sense. To get you started, you can always set your phone on Do Not Disturb for either iPhone or Android, and you won’t have to worry about hearing your phone ring during your commute.

Another great method for this is to just keep your phone out of arm’s reach by leaving it in your pocket while you drive. But the problem with that you can’t access the navigation app on your phone to give you directions or the music app for your entertainment—unless you have Volkswagen’s App-Connect system in your vehicle. This way, you can use simple voice commands to play your music, give you directions, dictate your text message replies, and it’s even compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto! Come visit our dealership to build and price your Volkswagen vehicle with the App-Connect system when you get the chance.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while learning how to drive in Alberta.If you follow some of these, you’ll have better piece in mind knowing what to expect while adjusting to these driving conditions. From all of us here at Southgate Volkswagen, we hope you have a happy and safe drive. And once again, welcome to Alberta!

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